19 Jun 2011, 9:20pm


First Birthday!

Hey all.  I know this is a much anticipated update, so I hope we won’t disappoint.  Dexter turned 1 on Friday!!  It really did go fast.  It was only ten months ago that Dan brought home our little fur baby (who has since turned into the mature little boy we love so much!).   Dexter’s presents arrived early, and we weren’t about to make him wait to “open” them.  He got a new bed (after chewing up the last one), bigger food & water bowls, a doggie toothbrush (after using a human toothbrush), and a larger “Dexter the Elephant” toy.  He seems happy with his presents, but as you can see in the second photo, he’s not a fan of plushy cushions.  We removed it after he started chewing it and removing the insides.  It’s strange, but at least he uses the bed now instead of sleeping next to it.

While shibas generally don’t need to bathe much (they’re self-cleaners, and prefer to avoid anything dirty), Dexter was beginning to actually smell like a dog.  We spared him of it on his birthday, but on Saturday we gave him a much needed bath.  Dexter wasn’t the most cooperative, but he did appreciate getting to roll around on the towel to dry off (in addition to shaking all over the living room).

He also enjoyed the visits we had this weekend–Lauren on Saturday, and Anny & Matt on Sunday.  Though he’s currently chewing on his regular Nyla-bone, he’s been getting a lot of use out of his bacon-flavored T-bone Nyla-chew!

Lastly, Dexter wants to wish a very happy Fathers’ Day to his daddy, Dan!

Dexter the Elephant ToyNew bed...but I prefer laying over here

Towel!Get this off me!

T-bone steakT-bone Steak



He looks great and soooo happy!

hi- Dexter looks glorious – I am so glad he has become the gem you have allowed him to be. Love the blog!
Dr Marty Greer JD from Wisconsin

hi – Dexter looks glorious. I am so glad he became the gem he is under your care. Love his blog.
Dr Marty Greer JD from Wisconsin


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